Call Num Learning Community Group Course Title Notes Available/ (MAX)Seats Dates Instructional Method Instructor Time Bldg Type Hrs Fees
10458 Group 23W BIOL-1406.762 BIOLOGY I 1. Requires Registration in Lec/Lab/Rec; 2. ( Prerequisite course required-MATH1314 or Prerequisite course required-MATH1316 or Prerequisite course required-MATH2305 or Prerequisite course required-MATH2413 or ACT Math requires minimum score of 21 or SAT Math requires minimum score of 550); 3. Co-Requisite course required-CHEM1411; 4. Co-Requisite course required-UNIV1101; 4 (20) 08/23-12/09 Face-to-Face/1-24% Online L. Lehman MWF 09:00-09:50AM CI-138 LEC 4

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